The DIGITAL FRONTIER- Leading from the trenches

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When in 2020 Companies and individuals had to rapidly adapt and adopt new technologies and new styles of communication and working; it brought focus to and the need for brands to be online. Continue reading “The DIGITAL FRONTIER- Leading from the trenches”


We are at the end of 2020 and there have most likely been some big learnings, challenges and shifts in our personal and professional lives. In the process we have witnessed the advantages of technology in times like this yet also the limitations.  Platforms like Zoom, and Microsoft Teams have seen us through on a professional front, and personally we’ve seen the emergence of apps like House Party, whilst YouTube with it’s independent reporting on what’s happening globally, podcasts and cooking + fitness content seeing a massive explosive growth, INFLUENCER: Global Influencer Marketing Solution, Cameo – Personalized videos feat. your favorite stars that have gained immense popularity during this radical shift of working from home. Some online shopping platforms like Etsy saw their sales doubled to 10 billion $ this year. Deliveroo CEO Will Shu has mentioned that the pandemic has actually accelerated the adoption of online food delivery ahead of its time. Brands that jumped into early adoption of tech like Ebay, Etsy, Netflix, Facebook have now become the every day chant for most people who have the facility to stay connected to the world online from their homes. Amazon, Microsoft, Google – the three major platforms – have now become the unstoppable Digital Juggernauts. At the same time, ride hailing companies like Uber & Lyft along with property rental giant Airbnb have seen their customers vanish. Most high-street retail brands including the iconic John Lewis have now changed their strategy with a promise to its customers of being digital-first.  Continue reading “STEP IT UP!- The NEW NORMAL”


Everyday there are many companies that undertake the path of digital transformation in one way or another to achieve their goals. But this journey in a time of rapid change means a new approach to one’s strategy that has an agile and adaptive culture at its very core. Effective digital transformations are those that have leaders who understand how to take their visions to reality and take the whole team with them. Continue reading “WHY CULTURE MATTERS IN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION”

What does it take for your brand to undergo Digital Transformation? The 5 KEYS

Rapid Change is the new normal in today’s fast moving world and for most companies it has become all about keeping pace with new technology, new strategies, new ways of selling one’s product/service and tapping into an increasingly aware global audience. In all this it is very easy to lose sight of the company’s vision and also lose one’s sense of direction in a plethora of data. This is the era of information overload. Continue reading “What does it take for your brand to undergo Digital Transformation? The 5 KEYS”

Digital Transformation- WHy is it necessary for your brand?



The world changed the moment Internet or as it was popularly known back then- The World Wide Web was born almost 25 years ago. In this quarter of a century, technology and digital have been at the forefront of massive change- some great and some not so great but nevertheless we need to understand that this is not just about the present but actually what has been shaping our Futures in a manner that is overwhelming at times for us all. Our lives at the same time have become more integrated online than at any other time in History. Continue reading “Digital Transformation- WHy is it necessary for your brand?”