Working with Purpose- Collaborate to Co-Create

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Many people are running the narrative that the past few years have done us wrong. From Brexit, Covid, politics (‘The Tories’ etc) and now we feel the world owes us some kind of retribution for what’s happened. Few people are willing to take a share of responsibility for what’s gone down, or to put in the time and due diligence to make necessary changes in their life.  Do we not all operate with some kind of entitlement?  Wouldn’t many of us, if we were being honest, love the idea of working less, putting in minimal effort for maximum reward?  Has the last 3 years affected our work ethic and left us more ‘checked out’ than ever? Continue reading “Working with Purpose- Collaborate to Co-Create”

Thinking differently: Leading your team and brand in a crisis

Here we are in the last week of August 2020 and we don’t know where we are headed isn’t it?

Even though global lockdown is now being relaxed, businesses are now starting to re-open, holiday goers planning their summer trips and life is moving ahead albeit at a pace which probably none of us understand and yet it is very clear that we are in a Global crisis where we are being asked to step it up quickly each day.  Continue reading “Thinking differently: Leading your team and brand in a crisis”

Digital Transformation- WHy is it necessary for your brand?



The world changed the moment Internet or as it was popularly known back then- The World Wide Web was born almost 25 years ago. In this quarter of a century, technology and digital have been at the forefront of massive change- some great and some not so great but nevertheless we need to understand that this is not just about the present but actually what has been shaping our Futures in a manner that is overwhelming at times for us all. Our lives at the same time have become more integrated online than at any other time in History. Continue reading “Digital Transformation- WHy is it necessary for your brand?”

Purpose- In Life and at Work! – Part 2

Part 2:

Why Purpose is an important aspect for brands?

In a cluttered market scenario, a brand’s purpose drives differentiation and becomes a unique voice that can sustain price premiums, motivate the company’s workforce to come together as a collective family and enhance customer loyalty.

So if purpose is so important, why are so many brands across the world not able to get it? Headline after headline is about companies failing and being derided by their own employees and the lack of a trusting and secure company culture is the most cited reason for employees to leave. Continue reading “Purpose- In Life and at Work! – Part 2”

Purpose- In Life and at Work! – Part 1

Purpose. It’s everywhere.

Part 1:

As an entrepreneur and as a human being I am deeply concerned by the way we have perverted the meaning and use of ‘purpose’ in our world.

In all these years and in all my experiences and travels I have seen many aspects of ‘doing good’ for the sake of it- and primarily for self gain/glory, for title, for profit etc in one way or another. Be it brands, companies or individuals; ‘Purpose’ and the need ‘to do good’ often leads one to ask- who or for what is this doing good and where is it coming from? Continue reading “Purpose- In Life and at Work! – Part 1”

Workplace Wellbeing and Trends in 2018

Work place

In 2017 the world saw an unprecedented chaos from both Nature and Man; political, economical and social in ways that has had most of us wake up to the fact that Wellbeing must be a priority, whether in the workplace, corporate boardrooms, in the management philosophies we espouse and/or in our personal relationships which of course all starts within ourselves first.

True wellbeing is the outer reflection of one’s inner emotional state and we are now beginning to understand that ill mental health is a major cause of illness and disease.
Here in the UK, mental health is now being taken seriously and the key differentiator in the coming months and years will be to boldly and simply just ‘go there’, deconstructing the societal stigma that is attached to mental illness specifically and the nasty habit we’ve had of ostracising of the ones who suffer from it. Continue reading “Workplace Wellbeing and Trends in 2018”