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Dr. David Jack is primarily a skin health brand which aims to boost the skin from inside out, treating it in a truly holistic manner. This is one of the few doctor-led skincare brands in the UK; that aims to bring the idea of internal health and skincare together with one unified daily routine incorporating both topical skincare and supplements.

The team at Elixir worked diligently on boosting revenue, improving user experience on the website, and enhancing their online reputation over the initial 6 month period.

Starting from November 2019, we commenced with a website audit to improve the user experience because despite representing an established brand the revenue and conversion rate were not initially on the same level. We took time to fully understand the website so that we were able to decide what specific areas needed improvement rather than completely changing the website. We focussed on improving user experience and on strategies to drive revenue.

In a 6-month period we saw a whopping 941.3% increase in revenue.

Here is how we made it possible with our SCRO (Search Conversion Rate Optimisation) efforts.

1. Paypal issue

Paypal was showing an error message to customers whilst they were at the payment stage. This was a complex issue and was causing aborted sales. Our team worked hard to integrate this back on.

2. Website User Experience

We made UX/UX changes on the website to minimize the user effort + improve the overall user experience. As this is a high end luxury skin care website, we made sure to keep our attention on the brand consistency, keeping it at a high level at all times. Trust and transparency was another key factor, so we based the content around the ingredients and clear instructions on how to use each product.

3. Building Trust

Reviews not only have the power to influence consumer decisions, and build trust, but can strengthen a company’s credibility. So we set about developing a strategy to collect reviews as a priority. The reviews grew from 0 to more than 200 in less than 6 months.

4. Subscriptions

Alongside the slow burn strategies we implemented we also looked for ‘quick wins’. The easiest way to generate revenue is from existing happy customers, via cross selling and upselling, as well as word of mouth referrals/recommendations. For Dr. David Jack, we saw that subscriptions would be the way to go for long term fixed revenue. Here we needed to research the customer base/frequent buyers so we could tailor our communication with them and set up a subscription email marketing campaign. As a result the monthly revenue increased 800% (automatic subscription payments) generating a passive income for the brand.

941.3% 177% 130%

Increase in revenue

Increase in Subscription

Increase in transactions


Increase in revenue


Increase in Subscription


Increase in transactions


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