Why are Chat Bots important in your brand’s Digital Strategy?

Technology has been advancing at such an exponential speed that it has become virtually impossible for brands, businesses and entrepreneurs to stay on top.

For most, Digital Technology and Digital Integration are just daunting terms that they somehow are unable to really get.

However we at Elixir have always brought about a ‘simplicity’ to this through our own deep understanding and integration of what Digital can do and cannot do.

One of the key aspects we always focus on with brands that need to increase their online visibility is simple maths. Traffic + Qualifying Inquiries= Quality Leads

And this holds true for both B2B & B2C brands that need to ensure that they optimise their web inquiry in a few minutes. It’s moved from ‘lead form’/contact form to a chatbot doing that job much more effectively.

Infact a Harvard study finds that the ideal time frame for responding to leads is under 5 minutes and after 5 minutes there is a 10X drop in the odds of actually being able to get that lead through the door. Most companies take a few days to respond if not hours.

In this ‘Chatbots’ that integrate smart Algorithms customised to any business needs  have really become a popular tool for most online businesses to integrate – more about ‘quality leads’ rather than ‘quantity leads’.

A Chatbot is a sophisticated messaging system that takes away the reliance on phone calls and emails which may not even get noticed by your target customer. Lead forms need increasingly more fields and no one online has the time to fill them up. BDR’s (Business Development Representatives) typically need to make upwards of 50 calls/day and 50 mails/day to get a customer through the door. And no one wants to receive those annoying marketing calls or emails anymore- Let’s face it!

And Chatbots can ask the same questions that a marketing representative will ask without that ‘need’ or urgency to desperately convert a client.Chatbots do not sleep, they can be customised to every relevant page of your business website, and this also eliminates the need to pursue leads manually that are a waste of time.

The idea behind this simple but effective technology is not to make human beings redundant but actually assist them in managing multiple conversations and qualify leads more efficiently.

In the recent couple of years thanks to Chatbots, sales and marketing teams can now choose to interact with only the best qualified leads that matter most to the business.

Enjoy the Visual story below of Chatbots as designed and created by our amazing graphic design team.











Trust you enjoyed this visual story of Chat Bots. Any smart Digital Strategy that takes this into account can reap the benefits that come with this.

To get your business upto speed get in touch with us to know how Chat bots can work for you. 

Are you going to lead this change? Are you a leader or a management consultant or a company that would like to know more on how to bring about a model that is capable of bringing this future to the present. If so get in touch with us. Our brand founder and author of this blog Chetan Jha is leading not just change but also innovation across the board through best practises that echo compassion understanding and reflection. To know more, email us: London@elixirholisticconsultancy.com


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