True Content in an Age of Digital Disconnect

True Content in an Age of Digital Disconnect

How truly content are we, when it comes to being Content?

And this is not some write-up on achieving Nirvana but on leveraging content for your brand in a world that is increasingly becoming digitally disruptive.

But first by an attempt in understanding its true meaning.Is it the content that are formed by words spoken/written with eloquence? Or rather is it the content that bridges the divide whether it’s between the product/service and its audience/target customer or the divide that exists in values of the brand and it’s relative reflection to the world?


In fact content was far simpler more than 8000 thousand years ago when mankind was just beginning to speak languages and developing words from symbols. Ancient Egyptians invented the Hieroglyphics almost 10,000 years ago. It was strategic in the larger scheme of things and held a great purpose, a great responsibility. Content back then was evolutionary, it was about understanding the science of the stars and humanity’s purpose here on the planet.

But then we became arrogant, complacent and content became all about comfort, became illusionary, and reduced to mind games of deception, lies and loss of trust.

I could go on and on. . .

Even more so in Circa 2017 when there is a ‘content overload epidemic’ enslaving humanity. One just has to look around and you will see what I mean- We are slaves to reading/typing words, words, words and even more words- from the multitude of screens we have devised; all relevant perhaps one might argue but relevant to what exactly is the question here. Is it relevant to our existence here? Relevant to the way we do businesses with each other where we sell things under the guise of cleverly packaged content driven products/services just to make our bosses happy, our companies money tending factories, our wallets fatter? Or is it relevant to bringing the world truly closer as a one race of beings, closer towards the truth of who we are?


Are we happier as a species, are we more content in our lives with the content that we keep overloading ourselves with? Are we doing better jobs in our jobs? Are we great husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, bosses, colleagues, friends or do we hide behind content that pops up on our screens 24/7 which seemingly is disconnecting us more and more from the world we live in.

When was the last time you just sat and stared into the openness of the skies, or the the tides of an ocean, or watched people pass by from a cafe window? Talk about content ehhh.

In all my years working as a professional in the world of media, television, film and now digital I have always felt and known that ‘content’ is not something one eschews and spits out from pure knowledge; but rather the actual experience of what one has undergone that then becomes a living breathing relatable story for the world to connect with and relate to. To me Content always felt as that necessary tool that develops relationships and not disengages…

What is content?

In its standard meaning- It can be the sum of words spoken/written in the form of a blog, story, script, description of what your brand does, what the product DNA is all about, snappy videos, editorial pieces that echo lifestyles and trends, virtual tours, slick images, website info and everything under the sun. In fact I might even say that we are living breathing talking content reflectors of who we are individually and most importantly collectively as a race of beings seemingly numbed with tons and tons of words. Since when did it become all about ‘selling’? A burden that weighs heavy on us. Looks like to me we are struggling to keep up with content that plagues us from all directions…the FOMO!


So how do we turn this around-

By taking stock, by understanding the true purpose of a brand, a company or a product’s/service’s place in the world. It need not be grand, but it has to be purposeful. Content that is honest, humble, that reflects the ethos of the people behind the idea, refreshing in its consistency and reaches out to people through its accuracy and empowers them.


Most people search for something by google as an initial source of information and this is where the content has to stand out from the vast pool of information on offer.

Strategic content marketing is all about adding value, about respecting your target audience, not taking it all for granted. True content is about offering answers to real life issues via the service/brand; it’s about offering an empowering way to be. It’s about bringing more awareness to people’s lives, raising the game so to speak. Most importantly it’s about staying true to one’s values, and writing with a humility that is devoid of any ‘sell’, any expectation and yet draws the audience in with its genuine content.

Why not change history, change perceptions, redefine and re imprint the world with true content!

So let’s begin….

Author- Chetan Jha – Change Agent, Philosopher of Ancient Wisdom, Entrepreneur who loves working with brands, loves tech, works with digital and is passionate about the evolution of the human species. Creative Director & Co-founder Elixir Holistic Consulting Limited.

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