THE POWER OF CONNECTION- Do we bring this to our Work?

THE POWER OF CONNECTION- Do we bring this to our Work?


In a room full of competent business professionals, tech heads, management associates, creative professionals, designers, coders, finance whiz kids, brand consultants,   what makes you stand out?

Most mentoring/self growth books and philosophies talk about identifying your USP.

What is your point of difference? What is your Unique Selling Proposition?

It makes you feel that you are not a living breathing being but a product that must be marketed in the workplace, in life and everywhere you go.

At first, identifying your Unique Selling Proposition may seem relatively simple. You’re most likely well educated, have a desire to want more and have a grand ability to solve problems. But so does the person sitting next to you, and the person sitting next to them… so what is it that really makes you unique when it comes to the business world or any other world? A never ending game…

The propagation of USP has already created further separation between individuals, bred competition, comparison , jealousy, rivalry, and left many individuals hopelessly empty and soullessly striving for that elusive success.

The future of businesses as envisaged by certain philosophers who were and are connected to an Ancient source of Wisdom and Livingness at present  places great importance on The power of being connected to one’s wisdom love and intelligence that will Soulfully enhance and deepen relationships wherever you are, whatever you do and wherever you go.

It’s that Vital Key that one carries within as a backpack and can unlock anything if one so chooses but we have chosen to not remember this in the travails and challenges of our Life in the Digital Era all the more.

It’s as if we are losing more of our awareness and our honouring of all sentient beings as we gravitate willingly more and more towards a screen that only keeps us small.

The Power of Connection (POC) once deeply understood and lived from actually will take you on a journey of discovery- inner discovery that then enhances your ability to understand the Quality (of Energy) in which you work with, walk with, live with and stay connected with.

The Power of Connection shows us to integrate every aspect of our lives so that your brain, your heart and your body are constantly being nourished and nurtured and is sourced purely from within oneself.

If those around you constantly challenge you, stretch you, assist and support you, then every aspect of your life is aligned. This can happen wherever you are; at home, with your peers, at work, with your mentors, socialising, or in your health and fitness environment.

This means that you can seamlessly move from a board meeting to a team meeting to recreation to fitness sessions to family time, without a change in the quality of the person that you truly are. It also helps you identify people who are not upholding that same quality around you among the numerous people you might meet every day. It changes the everyday dynamic of how we live and work in our daily lives.

Let’s take this opportunity to first see what the Power of Connection can bring instead of the top 3 perceived Unique Selling Propositions.

1-Education & Industry Experience or Wisdom from true livingness

It is safe to say that the majority of individuals in any field have an adequate level of relevant education achievements and industry experience. However what about the select few individuals that have gone above and beyond to secure the latest knowledge in their field? Those select few individuals who are truly at the forefront of the latest and greatest information? Are you a part of this group? Are you ensuring that you are professionally trained in relevant business practices that will equip you to help shape and deliver on future trends and requirements? This is a never ending game of keeping up and being competitive constantly which ultimately leads to emotional/physical drain and burnouts at the workplace.

Instead the future of hiring will place great emphasis on an individual’s true inner wisdom that will be reflected by his/her choices of living in a way that is responsible and integral to all around him. And this individual thus offers a great reflection at the workplace especially where we spend so much of our lives to others who then will hopefully be inspired to live in a truer manner that encompasses all Life- One Life!

The principles of Ancient Wisdom and True Livingness shows an individual to tap in within via The Power of Connection to its true source and then bringing that intrinsic living breathing wisdom to play- making decisions that do not harm anyone, words and actions that uphold the respect of each other in relationships, compassionate understanding and true joy for each other and harmony with each other. In Wisdom there is no one upmanship, there is no discord; only a seamless flow of responsibility and integrity. Imagine having an individual with these qualifications on your side?

2-Problem solving techniques or Responsibility at the workplace

While the majority of you and the individuals in your fields have pushed some boundaries to get to where you currently are, have you shattered any ceilings? Have you extended yourself to constantly strive for greatness? And more importantly, what tangible proof do you have of these achievements? This way of living has already given rise to a major rise of illness and dis-ease in life and at the workplace.

If one understands true responsibility- then there is no ceiling to shatter for in that one knows that one’s responsible behavior will be the cause and effect of any outcome. And doing anything with the Power of that Connection will then show you that achieving true harmony with your family, with your bosses, with your team members/colleagues/associates/clients etc is far more satisfying and everlasting than any individual striving to get that cool office on the top floor, or that next big pay raise, or that trophy to adorn your desk etc..It’s more about service and what we bring to our workplace, our homes, our communities.

3-Desire to want more(hunger, drive) or Purpose to Serve

To get to where you currently are, you will have ideally have been driven by the above 2 plus the incessant hunger to get to the top! But what happens by the time you reach there? You are running on empty and if not then you are heading for a crash and no mentor/guide/psychologist has been able to answer this.

The Power of Connection empowers the individual to understand his/true purpose in life, in relationships and thus at the workplace where we spend most of our living breathing hours. Our purpose is to be harmony and reflect that in all our actions, to care for our surroundings in the workspace and care for our colleagues with an equalness that only comes from appreciating who you are first and foremost. True service is all about bringing a deep sense of responsibility of who one is in truth, bringing a reflection that no matter what the transparency of that truth is always alive and kicking.

What can the Power of Connection do?

Research from UCL School of Management, suggests that visual transparency between customers and providers improves service and performance, and creates value for both – in other words, the mere sight of a customer motivates people to do their job better.

“In many industries, effort is hidden from customers, but feelings about an office job that’s separate from the customer, for example, could change if suddenly the beneficiary of that work is visible,” say the researchers.

“It’s being appreciated that makes people feel that their work is meaningful and what they do matters.”

The research suggests that seeing customers makes employees feel more appreciated, more satisfied with their jobs, and more willing to exert effort. At the same time, seeing the workers allowed customers to perceive greater effort, and they became more appreciative of the employees and valued the service more. While effective teamwork and customer relations via digital communication have never been easier to achieve, physical presence remains a huge part of the relationships between business colleagues and customers, and companies that support opportunities for people to connect are likely to reap the business benefits.

The Power Of Connection actually teaches us once again-

how to pay attention- The ability to connect with our entire physical presence whilst another person is talking will enhance our ability to be rockstars in team meets and boardrooms.

Avoiding misinterpretation– Since we now communicate primarily through writing, or digital platforms any context that would normally be given through physical cues is lost. Without the ability to pick up on gestures, tones, sounds and nuances over an email, things are often misinterpreted. Almost all of us at some point have sounded annoyed in an email even though we were trying to be casual, friendly or sarcastic. Although emojis and thumbs-up icons bring a sense of fun, it is difficult to decipher what is meant by these simple messages. Human connection is essential in reducing the risk of misinterpretation. On a small scale, a misunderstanding due to a poorly written email can lead to small mistakes but the implications can also mean missed opportunities, unsuccessful deals, or even a badly translated sign. When we are deeply connected within we are able to master how to avoid such scenarios whilst writing, reading, and keeping our emotions out of it and effectively dealing with them even when they come up.

Also the entire bullying culture is magnified when people interact and communicate via texts, social media posts just because there is this illusion of safety behind a screen and yet Cyber Abuse today is one of the most rampant diseases that plague our societies, our workspaces and our personal spheres.

So with the Power of Connection our physical presence is a joy to be in and we bring or take this quality of being-ness to all such relationships that is everlasting beyond time, beyond the conditioned principles of business management itself.

The Future is all about Connection-

It is fair to say that nothing can replace human interaction and we are feeling this more even though we are digitally on. Because truly being ‘switched on’ is the ability to connect face to face with another human being instead of looking down at our screens as we go through Life.

Being in the same room as a client, shaking hands with a colleague or simply having a cup of tea with a fellow associate gives you an accurate understanding of a social situation without having to guess what is meant through digital correspondence.

The subtlety of body language means that even the most advanced virtual reality technology cannot yet give us an insight into sensing or getting a vibe from another person without actually being there with them. Yes, technology is important but there is a need for balance. The notion that digital interactions are best is truly  an illusion.

For a business to succeed, we can rely on technology for efficiency, but certainly not to give us true values such as trust, honesty, responsibility and integrity.

These can only about by The Power of Connection! The connection of one being with another.

Author- Chetan Jha – Change Agent, Philosopher of Ancient Wisdom, Entrepreneur who loves working with brands, loves tech, works with digital and is passionate about the evolution of the human species. Creative Director & Co-founder Elixir Holistic Consulting Limited.

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