MASTERING DIGITAL BEHAVIOUR- What Brands can do to enhance Digital Experiences

We have come a long long way from the early digital days when brands were still finding their feet in the digital world and consumers were trying to figure out what does it mean to have a ‘digital experience’ let alone a seamless one.

And as we near 2020 (gosh time has flown in 2019!) any and all digital interaction between a brand and its customers has become a very vital part of the overall customer journey and customer experience. Continue reading “MASTERING DIGITAL BEHAVIOUR- What Brands can do to enhance Digital Experiences”

The Future with SEO – 2019 Trends

This year is the year that redefines SEO in a manner that is far more in depth, far more precise and all about looking into the future and bringing it to the present times. Over the past decade, Search has been a major factor in any brand’s digital strategy but the ante is now up and Google’s constant changing of algorithms and cleaning up act means that SEO has to be more strategic and much more intelligent.

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