PURPOSE- How to Unlock its Power.

Purpose is not a ‘mission statement’ neither is it some ideology or part of some business plan.

Purpose is a commitment to ‘values’ and then living from them – bringing those values to one’s workplace, to one’s home, relationships – To All of Life!

Purpose is steady even when we waver, purpose holds still when we find ourselves all over the place, and above all Purpose has the power to Transform, to Magnetise everything in its path.

Yet for most of us – (Humanity)- we have barely been able to stay consistent with allowing Purpose to flow in our lives and make that the dominant form of energetic propulsion that can take us to bigger and greater things.

But let’s talk about – How we can bring Purpose to our Lives- specifically to our professional lives, our work, our careers, our businesses, our brands.

Most of our lives are spent at work- with people, with systems and processes and above all with guidelines that come from a shared vision. In this-we have very often given up on our true purpose and instead on most days- most of us on the planet walk into work given up, fatigued, frustrated, depressed, angry, or insecure and lonely and walk right back out after a few hours feeling more of the same. Is this not True? Correct me if I am wrong here…

So then how do we unlock true power from Purpose when we are mostly functioning on Autopilot and cannot feel Purpose.

Let’s take a look at a few Key insights

1- A company/brand’s reputation more often than not comes from a Vision which is then shared by the people who work for it. But what can happen is- if there is no strong purpose aligned to that Vision the brand/company loses steam and fails to go the distance. Purpose is a booster fuel that pulls customers and builds loyalty. The brand’s vision internally aligned to a larger purpose and diligently worked at all touch points from employee wellbeing, customer satisfaction etc then becomes the driver of its reputation. Some brands that have both Purpose and Reputation aligned with each other are Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, UPS, Volkswagen, Toyota to name a few.

2- Any brand that builds care and advocacy as part of a larger service to its society is a brand with a strong purpose and makes customers sit up and take notice. This part of Purpose is built from within and values like responsible, caring, advocacy for issues that pervade society are key elements in implementing ethical business practices.

3-When the people who work for the brand are equally aligned to its Purpose, when there is internal harmony, when there is a flow rather than a pure functional based working environment the world feels it and consumers come knocking at the door. Purpose drives the business and this in turn influences communities to unlock authentic power.

4-Purpose driven companies usually have leaders who empower others down the line to equally become leaders. They are not insecure, non competitive and in fact encouraging of every aspect of the team they work with. These leaders know how to observe, they understand that there will always be challenges internally with dynamics in relating to one another, and their open hands on management ethos makes the company a great foundation for strong values that then reflects the company’s reputation. A place that encourages co-creativity, flow, great vibes and  becomes a beacon for employees, consumers and reflects to the world.

5- Thanks to technology, we can finally understand and serve customer needs at a much deeper level. Call it the subscription economy, the end of ownership, or software as a service (SaaS). Whatever the words, it is a relationship for those who get it right.

In times of constant dynamic change, nobody’s job description fits, But how do we get leaders, managers to push bold  ideas? By rewriting every job description? Forget it. No firm has that time. The brand/company’s transformation must start with Purpose, led by people who are brave enough to face the only guaranteed result: Reputation and Reflection of Values.

Want to make a start? Ask yourself two simple questions. Firstly, in a relationship economy, what’s my/company’s real purpose?

And secondly, what’s the one big thing I can do to help make my firm move forward?

Once you know that, you would have unlocked the Power of Purpose.

Are you going to lead this change? Are you a leader or a management consultant or a company that would like to know more on how to bring about a model that is capable of bringing this future to the present. If so get in touch with us. Our brand founder and author of this blog Chetan Jha is leading not just change but also innovation across the board through best practises that echo compassion understanding and reflection. To know more, email us: London@elixirholisticconsultancy.com

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