Building Digital Loyalty during Adversity- How to get your brand to walk the talk 

These are unprecedented times and everything we thought was normal is now being rapidly re-defined. It’s a time to adapt, appreciate & embrace what is on offer in all directions of life as humanity tries to find its way through this global plague that has affected lives at all levels. The threat of a global recession is a very real and palpable threat to the way we are going to live going forward into this decade.

Over the last few weeks the closure and slowing down of businesses everywhere, including ours, has given us the opportunity to take stock, consolidate and redefine priorities.  A time to understand our team, staff, brand and ourselves on a deeper level, bringing consistency in connection, digitally, through regular Zoom meetings & virtual training etc. Remote working it’s something that we are very much used to, but of course we miss the face-to-face interactions and meetings with our clients. Nothing beats physical connection at the end of the day, but one must adapt and learn to thrive in the digital world during these times and beyond.  Continue reading “Building Digital Loyalty during Adversity- How to get your brand to walk the talk “


As the world continues to go digital, most interactions are happening at the ‘edge’ – close to population centers. Places where the digital and the physical worlds meet face to face and where businesses across the board come together to exchange ideas, services and information. This edge is called the ‘Digital Edge’.  Simultaneously most major technology trends have created a new normal in every global industry and its plain and clear that if your business is not digitally ready, or part of this sharing economy, then you will struggle to engage or be relevant.

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Everyday there are many companies that undertake the path of digital transformation in one way or another to achieve their goals. But this journey in a time of rapid change means a new approach to one’s strategy that has an agile and adaptive culture at its very core. Effective digital transformations are those that have leaders who understand how to take their visions to reality and take the whole team with them. Continue reading “WHY CULTURE MATTERS IN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION”

WHY SPEED MATTERS!-  Is your Mobile Site up for the race?

We have often heard the phrase-’Slow and steady wins the race’ and whilst there is no denying the wisdom in that philosophy it is a little different when it comes to mobile digital platforms where speed matters

Let’s dive into this digital philosophy and find out why…

Most businesses in recent years have now integrated e-commerce but have yet to look to ‘mobile site speed’ as a major growth driver. The reason for this is- there are many growth strategies as there are businesses and too often in the clutter filled world of digital marketing- mobile web somehow takes a backseat even though it is a crucial factor in all strategic areas like SEO, PPC, SEM and so on. In fact mobile web at present is the most widely used platform, especially in a world where people have a million ways to search, browse and shop than ever before. Continue reading “WHY SPEED MATTERS!-  Is your Mobile Site up for the race?”

What does it take for your brand to undergo Digital Transformation? The 5 KEYS

Rapid Change is the new normal in today’s fast moving world and for most companies it has become all about keeping pace with new technology, new strategies, new ways of selling one’s product/service and tapping into an increasingly aware global audience. In all this it is very easy to lose sight of the company’s vision and also lose one’s sense of direction in a plethora of data. This is the era of information overload. Continue reading “What does it take for your brand to undergo Digital Transformation? The 5 KEYS”

MASTERING DIGITAL BEHAVIOUR- What Brands can do to enhance Digital Experiences

We have come a long long way from the early digital days when brands were still finding their feet in the digital world and consumers were trying to figure out what does it mean to have a ‘digital experience’ let alone a seamless one.

And as we near 2020 (gosh time has flown in 2019!) any and all digital interaction between a brand and its customers has become a very vital part of the overall customer journey and customer experience. Continue reading “MASTERING DIGITAL BEHAVIOUR- What Brands can do to enhance Digital Experiences”

The Future with SEO – 2019 Trends

This year is the year that redefines SEO in a manner that is far more in depth, far more precise and all about looking into the future and bringing it to the present times. Over the past decade, Search has been a major factor in any brand’s digital strategy but the ante is now up and Google’s constant changing of algorithms and cleaning up act means that SEO has to be more strategic and much more intelligent.

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PURPOSE- How to Unlock its Power.

Purpose is not a ‘mission statement’ neither is it some ideology or part of some business plan.

Purpose is a commitment to ‘values’ and then living from them – bringing those values to one’s workplace, to one’s home, relationships – To All of Life!

Purpose is steady even when we waver, purpose holds still when we find ourselves all over the place, and above all Purpose has the power to Transform, to Magnetise everything in its path. Continue reading “PURPOSE- How to Unlock its Power.”