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After a couple of years supporting businesses with their branding and marketing, a new arm of the business was starting to form. After working as a practice manager in the Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery industries, Rosalie had some solid experience with the day to day running of the clinic on many different levels: behind the scenes with the business side (sales and marketing) to coordinating and managing the bookings, patients, staff and last but not the least compliance with the regulations.  The governing body which regulates the private medical sector (along with NHS) is the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and they regulate certain activities within Aesthetics such as ‘Surgical Procedures’, ‘Diagnostic and Screening’ and ‘Treatment of Disease or Disorder’. 

As a Clinic Manager, even though she loved it, Rosalie felt the strain and pressure first hand, trying to manage everything whilst working with Doctors and other Medical Practitioners who were constantly fully booked in treatments/procedures (just how it should be!) and she often didn’t see much of them.  Every day was a bit of a juggling act.

Then she started working with consultants who offered their support with CQC compliance and offered guidance each step of the way.  This was invaluable and helped her to get her head around something which was absolutely vital and yet sometimes complex and time consuming.  Rosalie learnt a huge amount during these times and rather unexpectedly became passionate about maintaining high standards of care, safety and quality.  

Soon other business owners were referred to her for help with their own CQC Registrations and ongoing compliance, and things grew organically from there.  This journey that began in 2014 has grown substantially into a fully fledged consulting business under the overall umbrella of Elixir, a consultancy that, for the most part, has specialised in the same industry providing digital marketing services.  The ‘Holistic’ 360 degree approach has gone above and beyond even our own imaginings, as we have come to a place now where we can offer assistance with most aspects of an Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery business.  For an overview of our services, which include SEO, website management, Digital PR, Online Reputation Management click here

Rosalie brings the same level of passion to this side of the business as she does to marketing.  She loves to offer her support and expertise to an area which can often be a bit of a minefield and there are potentially major consequences to not complying with the regulations.  She understands first hand the level of pressure and overwhelm one can feel, and it can be daunting especially in the beginning stages.

Quality, standards and integrity are the key factors here, along with transparency, and Rosalie goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve this, as well as bringing these same qualities to the work she does.  See for yourself with some of her clients’ testimonials 

Elixir will assist with all aspects of registration, including guidance on getting your premises ready; the online application, inspection and interview preparation. We’ll also provide you with policies and a fully comprehensive compliance monitoring system including risk assessments, audits and checklists.

Drop her an email to discuss further and see what support Elixir can offer you as you register your clinic with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) 

For overall support for clinics already registered she can perform a ‘compliance gap analysis’ and assist with bringing you up to speed

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